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The STEMPower Programme

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The STEMPower initiative represents our portfolio of actively funded projects from 2022 onwards, focused on enabling social mobility through higher education.


If you are a student wishing to take advantage of our bursaries, please contact the admissions department of the relevant institution as we regret we cannot fund students directly.

Current Initatives

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University Of Manchester
Undergraduate Access Scholarships

Manchester University's Access Programme is a flagship widening access programme for students who are under-represented in higher education. This comprehensive programme of events and activities enables students to develop the skills and confidence they need to apply to university and are supported by scholarships funded by donors such as the Roysia Foundation.

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University Of Newcastle PARTNERS Programme

The Roysia Foundation and Newcastle University are pleased to announce the launch of the Roysia Foundation Scholarships which will assist students as part of the university’s PARTNERS programme. PARTNERs is a comprehensive scheme that supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds right through their university journey.

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Kings College London
K+ Scheme

The Roysia Foundation has provided funding to support the King's K+ scheme that seeks to widen access to university education. We have funded areas including  the travel fund, K+ enrichment activities and a K+ STEM students careers day. 


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Science Museum Group
Community STEM Engagement

The Roysia Foundation has partnered with the Science Museum Group (SMG) to provide funding to help support the groups activities in community engagement with STEM. Through this work the SMG hopes to increase engagement and understanding of science and broaden the appeal of a STEM career. The Foundation is proud to support the groups very valuable activities in this area.

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The Prince's Trust

The Princes Trust is one of the UKs foremost pioneers in helping young people reach their aspirations and career goals. We are thrilled to have signed an agreement with the renowned Prince’s Trust, which has an unrivallaled track record in helping young people achieve their aspirations regardless of their background. Through the work of the Prince’s Trust we hope to be able to reach more young people, especially those outside of a standard A-level to university pathway and look forward to reporting on the impact of this new intiaitve next year.

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University Of Salford
Access To STEM Bursaries


The University of Salford, in collaboration with The Roysia Foundation, has announced The Roysia Foundation Access to STEM Bursaries that will provide invaluable support for students completing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) degree.

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Birkbeck, University of London
Widening Access Fund

The Roysia Foundation has provided funding to support Birkbeck's Widening Access Fund. The fund is an innovative and award-winning widening access provision, designed to target potential students who would otherwise feel precluded from taking a step into higher education. 


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University Of Edinburgh
Roysia Foundation Access Scholarships

The Roysia Foundation is proud to partner with the Unviersity of Edinburgh to create student access scholarships. These scholarships will support individual students from under-represented backgrounds through their studies at the University.



Lucy Cavendish College
University Of Cambridge

We are very excited to have established a STEMM Bursary programme with Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. This is a particularly exciting collaboration given the world class science and technology at Cambridge University. Lucy Cavendish College has a specific mission to attract, support, and unlock the potential of students with exceptional talent from groups who are under-represented at the University. We look forward to reporting next year on our first group of students to benefit from the programme and continuing to develop our relationship with such a positive and forward looking organisation.


Know You More is the leading socially-driven coaching provider, platform, and consultancy. Know You More provides coaching & skills to ensure the success of students supported by the Roysia Foundation. 

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