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Supporting You, Supporting Us

Roysia Foundation Funding Policy

As We Build Our New Foundation, We Currently Only Fund Higher Education Organisations

As the Roysia Foundation is still being established we do not yet have the bandwith or legal framework in place for general funding enquiries. At present we are limiting our funding in line with our core STEMPower initiative, specifically funding 14+/adult students into higher education. This normally means working with University and Colleges, however we are happy to receive communications from other organisations who feel they fit this remit. If in doubt please contact us,  through our website.

Any organisation we do fund must be in line with our grant making policy, which we will publish on this website in due course.

Want To Support Us?

The Roysia Foundation Is Funded Through Corporate & Personal Donations

If you feel our work resonates with your personal or company mission and you would like to understand what we do, and why our role as an intermediary between individuals and businesses (particularly those within the STEM sector) and education organisations is so important, please drop us a line via our contact form. 

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